We use Sunwalk Decking for all of our docks

The Perfect Dock For Your Summer Getaway

Basking in the sun with family & friends, watching the kids swim & dive, or sitting in shade under your umbrella, loving life at the lake. Our dock systems can offer you days like this.

Built to Last Forever
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Free Yourself from Dock Maintenance, Focus on the Fun.

Summer by the lake is where some of life's best moments happen: lazy afternoons, family gatherings, and unforgettable sunsets. Don't let dock maintenance concerns steal a minute of this precious time. Welcome to a world where your dock is reliable, durable, and complements your joy of living lakeside.

Storm & Water Resistant

Unpredictable weather can sometimes cast a shadow on our summer plans. While many docks show signs of wear or even collapse under the relentless stormy skies and surging waters, ours defiantly stands its ground.

Thanks to its grated design, water doesn't get a chance to pool, damage, or weaken the structure; it simply flows through. So, come rain or high water, you can rest assured that your dock is resilient and ready for the sun's return.

Quiet Hinge

By the lake, every sound seems amplified. The splash of fish, the distant laughter, even the faintest breeze through the trees. The last thing anyone wants is the jarring interruption of a creaky dock hinge. That's where the quiet hinge of Copper Island Docks makes all the difference. It ensures that every gentle sway and movement remains soundless, preserving the peace that lakeside living has to offer.


When standard docks get wet, they can turn a fun day into a painful memory within seconds. With our dock, that risk is minimized. We've integrated a surface that offers a confident grip, regardless of conditions.

Whether it's the remnants of a morning dew or traces from a recent rain shower – everyone's steps remain secure.

Quick Notes About Our Docks

Here are the key advantages of Copper Island Docks that sets us apart from the rest.

UV Protected

Shielded against harsh sunrays, our docks resist fading and wear from UV exposure.

Handicapped Accessible

Thoughtfully designed for everyone, our docks ensure easy accessibility for those with mobility challenges.

Interlocking Grid

A seamless and sturdy design, the interlocking grid ensures stability and longevity for every panel.

Extremely Durable

Built to last, our docks face harsh weather with unmatched resilience, year after year.

Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to frequent upkeep; our docks are designed to stay in great condition with minimal effort.

Impact Resistant

Our docks are engineered to withstand sudden impacts, ensuring lasting durability and safety.

How to Get Started

The journey towards building your dream dock starts with six simple steps.

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